Business scope

Civil Engineer Structural works in Thessaloniki, Greece Hellas

Civil Engineering Company

Business scope: Located in Thessaloniki in Greece a country member of European Union. We offer to European Companies or homeowners our Civil Engineer Knowledge. Our services are: we create architectural house plans, we develop 3D house plans and exporting them in pdf or jpeg format in 1024pixels resolution, compile a report on the environmental impact of a household's waste and propose their management, We calculate the heat losses of windows or walls by proposing ways to upgrade them, We calculate the energy consumption of combustion systems for heating your home and we suggest you ways by replacing it with a new gas boiler of higher energy class for money saving and We suggest ways to upgrade your home into a smart building with automated power control systems.

Especially we can give advises on technical issuses, solutions on energy saving technologies, participation in the construction of technical projects. We have experience at architectural designing for building projects on Autocad and Energry saving computer programs.

We can create a House Model on virtual reality Project and export it on photograph archive to introduce it on your advertisement on Facebook or Google. You have to email us to check your project, and after that we can collaborate and work with you via email on real timing for better results. 

Working on technical projects with all countries within the European Union, we provide our services in the legal manner as stated by Greek taxation. undertake the design of construction objects in a 3D environment by applying materials to a design program. Reports are being written to improve energy efficiency of building projects, proposals for replacement of materials.

We work in our company thermal zone program and we can present in detail the thermal losses of the building or part of it. The architectural design of construction works is undertaken. there is the possibility to visit within the European Union a representative of the office to resolve technical problems or to participate in technical management councils for their future use and exploitation. With regards

Dalamagkas K. Pavlos, Civil Engineer - Thessaloniki Greece European Union